Holiday Craft Camp


The season is almost here, why not get ready to make it memorable. Join us for a crafting time. This class will teach you how to make beautiful ornaments, miniature trees and beautiful yet affordable gifts you can give to friends and family.



**Material not Included


Date: November 15th




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Vegetable/Fruit Carving


Mesmerize you guests with jaw dropping fruit carvings. It is unbelievable what you can do with fruits and vegetables. These creations will make the perfect centerpieces on your holiday table.


Date: November 8th






3D Class


If you love art and flowers, this will be a fun class for you to take. Thus classes teached you about creating and carving internal structures that would hold the flowers and get them to last longer too. All you need to bring to this class is your imagination.


Saturdays and Sundays. Times vary so call in to make enquiries.



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Beginner In Flower Arranging


Flowers and more is what you will discover here.
If you want to learn the basic fundamentals of floristry we have it all covered! From making your own wedding bouquets, creating fabulous arrangements to grace your next dinner party, or if you want big, small or in-between floral designs, using fresh flowers. We will cover all aspects traditional floristry and floral art.


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Four Week Flower Arranging Course


Our Four week course will start you with the basics and then we will get a little more deeper each week learning about flower's, durability, versatility, proportions and design. You will learn how to also make 3D arrangements and brush up on Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging that emphasis on harmony with our environment.